Agnes B Nude In Public

Agnes B. stars in this new Nude In Public update today and she’s quite the hottie. She plans on showing off her amazing curves to everyone that happened to come across her little sexy nude posing session today. As the place for her little event, she chose a very popular jogging path that’s frequented by lots of guys and women. This hot Euro babe wants to show that you don’t really need to run around exhausted all day to keep in shape. And you can bet she attracted quite a crowd. And when the crowd would get too big for us to capture her on camera, we just switched places.

In the first part the horny brunette plants herself on a low wall to do her sunbathing session. You just have to see the people looking at her with lust as she teases them. For the second part she takes her spot on the jogging path, and you just have to see as guys turn their heads to watch this incredible beauty pose all naked for the camera. And lastly she takes to a hill side overlooking the town where she continues to show off that incredible body of hers. Enjoy everyone and as always stay tuned for next week’s update, we’ll have quite a treat in store for you.




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